Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management
(CIEM) Platform
Protect cloud assets from security risks caused
by mis-management of entitlements at scale
with AI-Assisted automation platform.
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What problems are we solving?
Excessive Permissions
Rules and Policies that are overly granted to users beyond what is required. Controlling & Managing permission for each identity (human and non-human identity) in the cloud is extremely difficult due to its dynamic nature. To make the situation worse every application can have unique permissions for users.
External Sharing of Data
Who is sharing what data with whom stored on cloud services. In consequence, organizations are unaware of sensitive data and resources being shared via Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc.
Misconfiguration is the result of excess implementation or insufficient supervision over security controls for servers and cloud applications. Due to the mishandling or lack of security controls, what is supposed to be an impenetrable environment, has dangerous holes which put companies in jeopardy.
Lack of Visibility
Applications are maturing and usage of infrastructure increasing every day. Applications generate massive data which need to be monitored. Lack of tools provided by CSP are adding more to this problem.
Privileged Access
CSP provides privileged access depending on the cloud vendor. These accounts can be operational by human and non-human accounts and privilege-related attack surfaces in modern business environments are becoming more prevalent as systems, applications, and identities continue to grow.
Offboarding of Employees
Once an employee leaves the company all access to his identity has to be removed. All the permissions and authorizations need to be revoked to protect important resources of your company.
Solving complex problem for
Access Rights Management
AI and Aumtomation are the two pillars we are
solving this legacy problem on
AIOps and DevOps focused platform
Open Source Developer focused SDK
Trace , define, enforce, monitor using AI
Our Integrations
The thing we are most proud about, our solution
works as plug and play with tons of apps
Why choose us?
we have more than hundred reasons, but here are a few
Humanised AI
Resolving problems like never before
Unified IAM
All the federations under one umbrella
Knowledge Intelligence
Intelligence inbuilt that buckets users
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working at leading tech companies
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Awesome Support
Thanks for your efforts in helping in Digitalising our application. It was executed very well, from development to production to launching cloud infrastructure. It is great to have Vectoredge with us. I look forward to more opportunities of working together.
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