Why Vectoredge?

What do we offer? (for connectors)

VectorEdge offers you a unique tool to get insights of your snowflakes infra from data security point of view. It enables you to see ➖

  • Inactive users: delete the users that left your organisation
  • over-permissioned users: I mean, why have you given so much permission that are not getting used?
  • grants to the roles and users and how frequently they are used: how justified is your current access configurations
  • users that no longer need to be in a particular role: Thomas switched to sales dept last month. Why is he still in finance role?
  • Recommendations to improve the data security based on various parameters: Want to see where you are going wrong? We got you.
  • Automated remediation: Don’t want to get own hands dirty? we got you.

How are we better than others?

We take pride in being the only service provider that gives number one priority to the customer’s independence. We don’t force you to use our proxy (although it is available in case you want it). We don’t force you to give us any kind of write access. Also, we don’t force you to share any data with us. Our solutions are available to plug and play as long as you want, without any dependency. Just the way it should be.

How do we offer our services at such a great price?

Unlike others in the market, we have made our solutions from the scratch. No third party library, no third party expense. We have a team of high quality engineers that can come up with anything the customer wants. Results are that our solutions are unique and affordable.