Snowflake Configuration

Configure Snowflakes for VectorEdge

Since we can’t give direct access on the schema Snowflakes.Account_Usage to custom roles, we do it through the database roles (remember, these are different than the roles in general)

  • Copy the following script into the snowflakes query console and click on the play button:-
create role vectorEdgeReadAccess;
// for seeing the grants given to the users and the roles
grant database role  snowflake.security_viewer   to role vectoredgereadaccess ;
// for seing the query_history and access_history
grant database role  snowflake.governance_viewer   to role vectoredgereadaccess ;
// for showing tables, schemas and the databases
grant database role  snowflake.object_viewer   to role vectoredgereadaccess;
// create user with your own password
create user vectoredgereadaccess password='abc123';
grant role vectoredgereadaccess to user vectoredgereadaccess;

Screenshot 2022-12-22 at 7.26.55 PM.png

Provide the login details as follows

			UserName:     "YOUR_USER_NAME",
			Password:     "YOUR_PASSWORD",
			Database:     "testdb",
			Schema:       "public",
			Organization: "IGBZURC",
			AccountName:  "HKA46501",


  1. How to figure out the organisation and the account name?

Ans. In the dashboard navigation, go to admin -> accounts and you will see the organisation and the account as follows:

Screenshot 2022-12-22 at 7.45.56 PM.png